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S-Flex have more than two decades of experience within the solar industry and mounting system technology. S-Flex value the requirements that solar installers, project engineers and wholesalers bring forth and work to continuously improve the development and manufacturing of our mounting systems.

S-Flex 12 Piece Kit – For pitched roof installations. The S:FLEX 12-Kit allows for easy installation of any framed photovoltaic modules.

Van der Valk Solar Systems is a specialized enterprise that is fully focused on developing and producing solar mounting systems. Van der Valk develop innovative systems in compliance with applicable worldwide standards.

The ValkPro, the ValkFlat – Portrait and the ValkFlat – Landscape utilize various foundations. For example, the systems can be attached using rubber tile carriers, mass blocks or consoles.

ValkFlat – Foundations Flat Roof Systems

ValkField – Solar installations for open fields.

Both field systems share the
following key characteristics:

Clamp system in portrait configuration.

Easy assembly and any tilt angle possible.

Available in short or long lengths, depending on the location.

Also available as kits.